Supply Your Lifestyle


Our Mission

Supply is not just about priding ourselves on offering the best quality products to the consumer market place, we are a lifestyle brand. At Supply, we cultivate, manufacture and process our own products with the intention to bring our customers the most potent and cleanest alternative medicine possible. Supplys apparel line is handpicked for each fabric and design. Our goal is to be a multi-state operator and continue to provide the highest quality medicine nationwide. 

Supply Lifestyle Loyalty Program.

​Loyalty program entails:

  • Receive 250 Supply Points for your Supply Account registration
  • For every Dollar you spend you get one Supply Point.
  • Redeem your Supply Points for cash, Every 50 Supply Points equal $1
  • Accumulate 500 Supply Points, receive 10% off all purchases
  • Supply Loyalty Members Recieve 20% off there order when sharing with a friend