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Supply Lifestyle is a go to within the cannabis community and is known as one of the original pioneers in California.

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Our Premium Flower is available in 3.5 g (Eighths). This Flower is hand picked and ensured by our team to be of the highest standard as everything is closely reviewed by our Quality control team to ensure our customers get the best of the best on the market.

The Pre Rolls are all stuffed with our Premium Indoor Cannabis. The best Supply has to offer. We take pride in all of our products being of the highest standard and always living up to the expectations. The pre-rolls contain 1 gram of Premium indoor flower packed in an all natural RAW cone, just ready for you to spark and go.

Talk about a one hitter quitter, our Infused pre roll is the perfect belend of flower, shatter, and kief. Our Cannabis infused pre-roll ciontains 1 gram on our Premium Indoor Flower, 1/10 gram of shatter , and 1/4 grams of kief. This perfect ration of our flower and shatter makes for a beautiful smoke now add it covered in our strain specc kief, you couldnt ask for anything better.

The fortune cookies are all made with Organic ingredients and infused with the highest quality of extracts. The single dose fortune cookies are available in 10 mg. Our fortune cookies are all hand crafted and created to ensure the consumer has the best experience. Our fortune cookies will hands down be the best fortune cookie you will ever try.

Our unique fortune cookie box comes packed with 5 of our 10mg fortune cookies. Each cookie is handcrafted and perfectly dosed to ensure the best experience. Warning Beware :”fortune cookies are magically delicious they may cause you to eat the whole box”.

About Supply

Here at Supply Lifestyle, we pride ourselves on a next level cultivating, processing, and manufacturing method with the best quality control over our product. This allows us to guarantee the highest and healthiest product in the market. Our manufacturing lab is located in beautiful California where we use the sun to cultivate some of the world’s most premium cannabis. With our manufacturing method, we are able to introduce our Premium Line that is grown both indoor and outdoor. From that, along with other products, we give to you carefully created extracts and the most delicious edibles that our chef in house creates. As for apparel, we handpick the material and with a graphic designer, we design each and every item. Whether it is apparel or cannabis, we are a vertically integrated company from seed to sale and can guarantee a purely cultivated product. Supply Lifestyle is no ordinary cannabis brand, it’s a Lifestyle. The Supply Lifestyle.